Procedure for using Interceptor????


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Who has links to how to dose this stuff? I convinced my Vet to write me an Rx. Very excited about getting those little pests out of my tank. Nano is set up and ready to house decorative shrimps.

Any ideas on trapping the cleaner shrimp????







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depending on how infested you are, I took care of mine with a more indirect to the main tank treatment.

Took all the acro's out and put them in a bucket with a heater and powerhead for 4 hours and killed them more in the main tank. That was easier than removing all inverts from the system and worked for me, however my infestation was very isolated and not IMO very bad.

The dosage I used was to crush the large caplet and put 3 salfert measuring spoons full of the powder into the water (tank water)


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Catching a cleaner? I wish i had that problem, every time i stick my hand in the tank to move or pick something up my cleaner shrimp is crawling all over my arm and hand trying to clean me... I dunno if he's trying to tell me something