ProdiBio dosing amount question


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I just bought BioDigest and Bioptim to try out. it says 1 Vial per 1000L every 15 days. do i start both on day 1? or alternate weeks? My tank is only 400l so do i still need to dose 1 full Vial?




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I alternate and it will not hurt to dose the whole vial.

thanks. is it better to use the whole vial? i dont wanna waste it if i dont have to


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I would use one whole vial of the Biodigest and per the manf., you should use 2 full vials of the Bioptim for 400L. I alternate my doses also.


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Once you open the vial and release the nitrogen it will be difficult if not impossible to keep it viable.


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I have used one amp of BioDigest into two tanks in the past, that way they both get dosed and it is more than enough as per the manufacturer's instructions