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Looking to get some input on the Profilux Light II

(1) Can someone share thoughts on the functions to control the streams versus the 7096? if you have run both units would like to get your input......or if you haven't why you would choose one or the other...

(2) The Light II adds the ability to control your lights but I don't have an AI Led unit just a plain old aquactinics constellation (3 switched + 1 switch for LEDs). So will this functionality only replace my bulky digital timers?

(3) I have a ranco so I don't need the temp control function...

Other than perhaps the ability to control on and off for my constellation is there any advantage of this unit than perhaps a combination of the 7096 and the reefkeeper Lite which in addition to controlling lights I can also have the ability to monitor ph..?

All I'm looking to do is control my lights/on and off and cutout in case temps get too high and control my streams......and monitor ph...which I can't get with the Light II Powerbar........

Thanks in advance for your input...


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The light II can control up to 8 Tunze streams and has significantly more control over the pumps than the standard controller. Reports we get back are that with using GHL software that is free by the way :) you have a far smoother wave patterns and can really get the wave form in sync with your tank where others have struggled to do this with the Tunze controller.

If you are competing this against the RK light then these are the points i would consider

Does the RK light control Tunze? If not then you are having to buy a $300 Tunze controller just for one single function.

Looking at it the other way, if you want pH control, well you can pick up pH controllers dirt cheap on flee bay ;) so the Light II becomes the cheaper option.

The light II will replace all your bulky timers, you also get full access to the GHL software so you can hook it up to your pc and control and monitor your whole system from teh comfort of your pc, you can not do that with the RK Lite I understand.

GHL comes with its quality promise, you will not find bugs or issues with any of its equipment, so your purchase is an excellent investment.

The other option i would consider would be the ProfiLux Plus II starter pack, stacks of features and the Tunze control cables are dirt cheap.

I personally think this is your best bet, German controller, bullet proof proven technology, built in as standard Tunze control, pH control temp control, level control lighting control and much more.


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Wow! That was the fastest response I received on a sponsor forum and that includes Roger at Tunze....Although he and Victor at ATB are unbelievable with customer service....

Appears that the starter pack is a better deal though

Any sales.........for the month of August at Aqua Digital?

Thanks for the link though looks like progressive reef is the best price for US customers...
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