Profilux vs Apex


Hi All,

Have just had my Profilux 3 fried in an electrical storm, and need to look at replacing to something newer.

At the moment is it a toss up between the latest Neptune Apex or a new Profilix 4.

My requirements are as follows:

  • PH Reading
  • Temperature Reading - With the ability to turn multiple heaters ON or OFF based on the temperature.
  • Controllable Power - Need the ability to set a timer for the power to clean the skimmer cup, OR turn on a pump for my RO filter (which is in another room) based on water level of the sump.
  • ATO - Need the ATO to read the water level, and then automatically turn on the RO filter pump to pump water in. This is already connected to a solenoid and is a specialised unit, so just need the ability to control the power based on the water level.
  • Leak Detection - Want to be alerted if the skimmer fails, and water drips onto the floor.
  • Visual Display Unit - Want to be able to view settings without my phone, and without leaning into the cabinet to see the unit.
I know that the APEX has a seperate ATO unit, but its not really what I want, that has a seperate pump, where my setup is a little different.

Thanks in advance
I don't know much about Apex - I looked at both and did a lot of reading. I settled on the P4. I read and see that GHL can be - ermmm stubborn, to put it kindly.? Otherwise people attest to the overall quality. I read that Apex has serious quality control/longevity issues. I have no experience, but given that outright silly form factor of each piece of equipment, I couldn't take it seriously anyway (sad but true).

I dropped $3k or so in GHL stuff... So far so good, expect for slow charting interface in the App. Not pleased about that, but am with the overall quality and ease of setup. It may not be "easy" wizard based like people would expect, but those complain about the interface don't likely understand the power of the logic that can be applied. As I programmer, designer, I am not sure how much easier or "modern" they could make it.
You could also consider Hydros controller which seems to have gained a following. @n2585722 could help out there. I personally have an apex classic that I bought used and has been solid. The new Apex looks like a big clunky piece of plastic so that has me out right away, but the real concern is the number of EB832 failures that I see and the revealed cheapness when people open them up to see what's wrong.