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Okay so I love that I can set my lights according to the season and that the apex will change the time of sunset and sunrise. However I want to modify it some.

Here is my current program command for my lights.

Fallback OFF
If Sun 000/000 Then ON
If Temp > 82.5 Then OFF

This causes the lights to turn on and set according to when the sun rises and sets.

However I want to modify my sunrise and set so that my aquarium lights stay on to about 10:00 PM. I could change my time on my clock so that it is at 18:00/6:00PM on the display when the actual time is 10:00 PM. This would cause sunset around 10:00 PM but my clock on the display would always be wrong.

I don't want my clock to be wrong. So I am looking for a command to change the time of the sunrise and set by four to five hours later than what the seasonal time in the apex is. Make sense? Anyone know the program code?


I don't use this function but I thought the two params you pass the SUN command allow for minutes before/after the listed times to control the outlet. In the manual the example of SUN 020/-040 switches the outlet on 20 minutes after and 40 minutes before the listed rise/set times. Wouldn't that do what you want? See page 41.


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I agree with Alan. Just do a SUN 000/180 to add 3 more hours (180 mins) which would result to about 10pm.


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I had the same issue when i got my Apex.. i ended up just delaying the sunrise and sunset to to the time frame that i wanted..
I am in MST so i just set mine 6 hours ahead.
my code reads like this...

Fallback OFF
If Sun 240/240 Then ON
If Temp > 84.0 Then OFF
Min Time 030:00 Then OFF

this is the code for my Actinics... so of course you will need to adjust your accordingly.
Hope this helps ya


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personal preference... im not around all the time, so should something happen and im not around.. i would just as well the lights didnt stay on all day or days for that matter


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Under what circumstances the fallback command actually works?

Fallback takes effect when an AquaBus device looses communications with the Apex base unit. It ONLY works for AquaBus devices (which at the moment is limited to the EB8). Legacy devices (DCx) ignore Fallback statements.