Programming Apex with/without Display


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I just lost some of my electronics (among other things) during this past hurricane. I currently have an Apex Jr and was considering purchasing a VDM but I think I will upgrade to an Apex and be done with it. I have a new EB-8 and don't really need the display. I read that the display was needed to program the firmware on the Vortech Pumps. Is this still so or are there any limitations in programming ability without the display? I am looking at buying just the base module to use with the other hardware I have. I do not plan to use Vortech pumps but if I would want to would I then also have to purchase the display module for the firmware upgrade?


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That part about not being available in the web pages is outdated info. There are only a few rarely-used things which are currently only available through the display head menus. Neptune had to make almost everything available in the web pages to the Jr could ship without a display.