Programming Powerheads on alternating flow?


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I know one of you has done this where you have programmed your powerheads using your AC. The Tunze's I just picked up dont work with a multicontroller so I wanted to set them up with my AC to alternate the flow. If any of you know how to program this in lmk please I dont know how to do it and need to be walked through.



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I prefer this method:

1) create 2 timers; 1 for each pump and assign them to DCx ports.

2) Program as follows:

OSC 010/010 ON/OFF Then PM1 OFF
If Timer PM1 = OFF Then PM2 ON
If Timer PM1 = ON Then PM2 OFF

I prefer this over using 2 OSC statements because it is possible for the OSC commands to get out of sync and the above will guarantee 1 pump oscillation.

The above cycles 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off.

Hope this helps.