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Thanks to all the people that showed up for this past PROP Auction.

PROP also wants to thank all the sellers and hope you enjoyed the raffle. Congrats to (I think) redsocksfan for winning.

As stated PROP will be donating the commissions received from the Auction to the FENNER FUND. The total came to $150.00.

Adrian, I will bring this money to the next FRAG in February. I also have the $61.00 that Robert donated from the sale of his corals.

Other Tidbits:

Lowest selling coral........$1
Highest Selling Coral......$85


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And for everyone who had to wait in line a little longer to check out.... sorry. It was all my fault.

I'l be back auctioneering at the March auction (barring any more unforeseen family business), and you can all throw vegetables at me then if you'd like....

:p :p :p


23.5 Degrees

PROP has a couple of other announcements.

Ryan (evolust) has become a PROP Farmer. Thanks Ryan.

Robert is now on the PROP Board of Directors.