Prop System for sale--Central FL--pick up only


Here's the pics and info.....$650 takes it all..... If you've ever wanted to try out coral propagation this is an easy way to give it a try.

I have an approximately 80-90 gallon propagation set-up for sale in the central FL area (Lakeland). I will describe everything as best as possible. Tanks are scratched up a bit and there are no leaks.

It has been perfect for zoo's, smaller LPS/softies, and could be modified for SPS very easily.


--Entire set-up at the trim measures 6' 1.25" x 3' 5.25" x 1' 9.25" (height x length x width)

--Birch skin/2x4 frame stand (looks like a piece of furniture and was kept in a guest room--some didn't even know there were running tanks inside, has an open back, inside is painted white)

--3 Tanks-- bottom is a standard 29 gallon, top and middle tanks are approximately 33.5" x 17" x 10" (l x w x h) measured on the inside of the tanks)

--Drains in top and middle are on opposite sides to promote natural flow of water from one side to the next

--Bottom tank can be used as a sump, or you could even stick a metal halide above it and use it as a sump/extra prop area.....maybe even a fuge.....the possibilities are endless.

--1 complete installed light set-up--ARO brand VHO ballast, 4 three piece endcaps, 2 URI bulbs from hellolights, wired up plug and play (however, you may want to remove when its moved)

--1 new, still has plastic on it, 36", 2-3 bulb reflector (could maybe squeeze 4 bulbs but not sure)

--4 brand new URI 36" bulbs (2 super actinic, 2 white...can't remember the K-rating....but I'd guess 6500K for good growth)

--Remora HOB skimmer w/ Mag 3 and pre-filter (fits perfectly)

--Mag 3 return pump (flow worked very well to keep drains quiet)

--I have a few buckets of crushed coral you can use to make your own mounting plugs

--I may a have a Maxi-jet or so to throw in for extra circulation if I can find them.

*****Everything else in the tanks or outside the system are not included (i.e. antiques, books, fans, etc.)....sorry.....*****

PICK-UP ONLY!!! You will have to bring a truck, a friend, and many ratchet straps if it is an open bed. I can help a little, but am currrently limited to lifting lighter objects for the moment. I do have a dolly you may use, however.

Front View

Doors Open

Drain on middle tank....looks just like the one on the top tank

E-mail for more pics if seriously interested.....