Protect metal tube stand leg from rust??


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I just have a regular tube stand purchase at the store. And I know it's gonna rust beniging at the base to the leg. I am thinking of some 1/2" acrylic block with 4 wall to creat something similar to a cap shape. Then filling with some silicone to achive air tight. Is this a good idea? Would 1/2" acrylic blocks support 120G on top?

Another option for me is to machine to shape from an aluminum alloy 7075.


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Do you have a picture of what you are talking about? Apparently I'm dumb today - I can't seem to get a mental image of what you are trying to do.


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This is what I have in mind what to do with aluminum alloy. I have 1.5" tubular steel so those caps will cover the bottom base leg and filled with silicone to prevent rust. I don't know if SW will corrode aluminum 7075.

As i said before i can construct this using acrylic.


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