Protein Skimmer Bubbles Over!


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I purchased an Aqua-C Remora hang-on protein skimmer about two weeks ago. Every time I plug it in water bubbles spill out of the hole at the top of the collection cup and eventually out onto the floor. At first I thought it was the fact that I'd just added some Seachem Prime to the tank, and thought maybe the stuff that improves the fish slime coats was messing with the skimmer like the skimmer's instructions said it might. But it's been at least two weeks since I added the Prime, and when I plug it in it still bubbles over. Any advice would be much appreciated!


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Certain chemicals may make a skimmer temporarily go nuts, and overflow. There also is a break in period with all skimmers till they operate correctly. Give it a few hours of overflowing, and it should calm down. You could also cut down your air intake to keep the bubbles down, but it probably still overflow due to the prime. Hth


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i had the same problem with my aquamaxx HOB-1 recently, mine was pushin the top off the collection cup. Did a 50% water change with some RO/DI water, and then ran my skimmer in the water i had taken out to let it "break in" that way when it was overflowing it was just going back into the brute can instead of on the floor, let it run there for a day or so, then stuck back in my tank, and has been doing great ever since, this helped mine, even though its a different skimmer. Hope this helps