Protein skimmer for 100 gal


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I'm replacing the protein skimmer on my 100 gallon reef tank and would like input/reviews. I'm currently looking at Reef Octopus 150INT, Tunze Master DOC 9410 and AquaMaxx FC-180.
Does anyone have experience with these skimmers? I'm specifically interesting in ease of adjustment and noise level. The skimmer I have now, Skimz, is a piece of junk. Can't adjust it easily, lots of microbubbles, air intake is connected by a tube that is not connected to skimmer and it falls in to the water and it's also very loud!
Any info/opinions are welcome..thank you:)


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LifeReef has always been a winner for me. I just upgraded mine with an extension. I run it with a Vectra M1 and it is super quiet.

I'm selling my old one if you want to give it a go :)

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