Protein skimmer help


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Russ, what's your budge? There are a number of great choices out there.

For about $150, (or a bit less) Tunze, Euro Reef, and Sapphire Aquatics have skimmers that will fit in the back chamber (Tunze requires a slight mod but it isn't too expensive).

If you are able/want to use a Hang on Back model, you can go with the second generation Warner Marine H1 or H2, or you can splurge and go with a Deltec MCE300 or MCE600. They'll all fit. Depends on your budget.

If I had a Solana setup (used to, but don't anymore) I'd pick the Warner Marine H1 as a first choice.


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If you don't have the budget for the more expensive HOBs, I'd recommend the Sapphire Aquatics. It's doing a good job now on my Cardiff.