Protein Skimmer Issues MTC_250


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I have a mtc 250 skimmer with a mag9.5 as the pump.
I am having issues in the sense that every time I feed my fish the foam in the chamber drops and the bubbles just keep popping. ITs as if it doesn't build up!!
Also I am not getting a whole lot of skimmate! The foam doesn't flow over the collection cup that much ( only a little bit)

Should I add more air the beckett? Raise the water line? Right now it is just below the collection cup area.
I just don't get what is wrong. This is my first beckett skimmer, I heard they are really good but it seems difficult to get running properly


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I have an ETSS and the foam head drops when your stick your hands in the tank, feed or dose. thats normal.

not sure about the adjustment, the ETSS is set and forget. 3 years now, no adjustments needed.


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When you feed, that is normal for the skimmer to do that. If you really want that skimmer to work, then you need a pressure rated external pump for the beckett mechanism to work well. Panworld 100PX or Iwaki 40rlt.


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MTC-250 is an in-sump model, mag 9.5 ought to be enough to drive the beckett - though Mag12 would be better. I had one of these for a while and found that I actually needed to add a gate valve on the output in order to be able to raise the water level inside the unit.


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Try taking the air flow nipple off the beckett
they work better with out them.
Dont look at bubble size the extra air is better.
If you ever go to a new pump get a dc10000
it will pull 40/50 watts with that skimmer and
your pump will only need 3/4 of its power.