Protein Skimmer questions & HQI question


I bought a Oceanic Biocube skimmer for my 24g Aqua Pod & a JBJ S-1000A pump(stock didnt have enough power).

How long should I run it? How ofter do I changer stone? & do I run it every day?

Light question - I have an 150w HM HQI light. How long should it run it daily? & What is the difference between standard HM & HM HQI?

Thank you in advance.


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You should run your skimmer 24/7. You should change the airstone when it becomes clogged. You will be able to tell because you don't get many bubbles.

Your 150W HQI means that the bulb is double ended not single ended. It also means that it probably needs a UV shield because one is not built into most of those bulbs. The ballasts for Standard and HQI are different too. The Standard ballasts won't run HQI bulbs. On the other hand HQI ballasts will work with Standard MH single ended bulbs but tend to overdrive them. This is desirable sometimes but MAY lead to burning bulbs out faster or extending their useful life. Different bulbs react differently. I overdrive my 250 W standard bulbs with an HQI ballast and they look great and last longer!

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Photo period depends on what is in the tank, age of bulbs, water clarity and other factors. SPS will need more light then mushrooms. Since you have an anemone I would say 7 hours is good. I normally run 7 hours in summer and 8 in winter. It keeps the tank temps in line.

HQI stands for Hydrargyrum quartz iodide. It operates on the same basic principles as a regular MH. The HQI is a double ended pulse start bulb and requires a different ballast then normal MH. Because the HQI does not have the large outer glass envelope it is able to fit into smaller fixtures. This bulb with its absence of a large glass envelope has no UV protection and must be used in a fixture with a glass covering.

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if your running the jbj skimmer, try changing the wood every month. it's not as bad as some people make it out to be. keep a close eye on the manadarin .