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As title states. I'm in the market for a new protein skimmer. I've been running my 225 just strictly with a chaeto rx up until now for about 1-1.5 years. Want to switch back to a skimmer since I feel like I might be maxing out the chaeto reactor. So what skimmer do you recommend for 225g heavily stocked mixed reef more dominant with SPS. Also any recommendations on the skimmer neck cleaner?

P.S. on my old tank I used to run AquaMaxx CO3 skimmer and I liked it.

Thanks in advance.


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Deltec sells a skimmer with a manual neck cleaner, RO Regal with a neck cleaner is another option wait until Balck Friday save a mint.


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I love my Deltec and the manual neck cleaner is great. All skimmers should come with a manual neck cleaner.


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Royal Exclisiv Vertex Alpha 300 [emoji16]

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get what you know works.

if you want to test out my curve elite 5 for a few months, go for it. just sits there anyways
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