protein skimmer


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I spoke to the company that I bought my 266 gallon tank from. I asked if the protein skimmer they sold me was actually large enough for my tank and I was told no, but they sold me the skimmer that they did so that the skimmer could be located in the sump. My water is never crystal clear like some tanks, I do water changes every 2 weeks, clean the sponge in my sump regularly, try and keep algae cleared off the acrylic but there are always particules floating in the water.

I was thinking maybe the protein skimmer was the problem. If I got a larger capacity protein skimmer ( I can't find out what size I have ) could that make a difference?
Do you run carbon? That makes a big difference on the water clarity. Ozone can also make a huge diff. How long has the tank been running? A lot of the floating matter will disappear after awhile.