Protein skimmer???


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I want to change the protein skimmer my LFS guy sold me.
It's rated for a 120gal tank but I don't think it's very effective for my 75g tank.

Any suggestions on a good hang-on skimmer. I want to hang
it off my sump. The side wall is approx 12" high.



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It would be nice to know what he sold you. For a HOB I would suggest a AquaC Remora, they're great.


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I'm really not sure what brand I have now. The only writing on it shows it's capacity 'CU 125'.

I have 2 peculia clowns, 1 six line wrasse, 1 coral beauty, 1 Bangaii Cardinal. I have a decent amount of green algae build within a 2 week span. I am also developing bubble algae. All after upgrading my lights from NO to HO T5s. The skimmer is not kicking out much gunk. Less than a teaspoon in a 2 week period.

I'm assuming since I got this as a package from my LFS that is probably not an efficent unit and might be part cause of my green and bubble algae


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If its for a 75 gallon tank? I would recommend a Coralife super skimmer 125;) They do a great job! I like them better then the Remora's.

Or if you have some extra cash laying around and not knoing what to do with it? LOL Get a Deltec MCE600 Thats the way togo!.


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Unfortunately, the Won skimmers (what you were sold) are highly over-rated. FYI, all manufacturers with the exception of Euro-reef, Deltec, and H&S over-rate their skimmers. For starters, cut any manufacturer's rating in half (divide the Won by about 3).

As someone else has mentioned, the Coralife Super Skimmers are supposed to be good. If you have the cash and room, you can look at an esternal skimmer (like the Pacific Coast Imports recirculating needlewheels) an sit it beside your sump. Then you just need a feed pump and outlet line in the sump.


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I've used both the super skimmer, and the Remora Pro, and I'd have to say the Remora Pro with a surface skimmer box did IMO a slightly better job


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So it's a WON and it sucks. Just as I thought - coming from my LFS.
I'll check out the Coral life and Pacific Coast. Also just read about
ASM's. They seem pretty good also. I don't mind spending the cash for
a good one.


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The ASM's can only be used in-sump. If you can handle that, they are good value skimmers.

I personally like the PCI recirculating needlewheels (I have two of the largest model). For a 75 gallon, I'd recommend the RPS-2000. The smaller model might work, but I like to oversize the skimmer. If you look at the PCI thread you'll see that many people (myself included) like to tinker with the PCI, but they work just fine as shipped.

One other reason I like the PCI external. I bought an auto shut-off waste collector from myreefcreations. I hooked that up to the cup drain and then sealed the cup lid (holes and around lid) with electrical tape. Now, if the skimmer overflows, the collection vessel will shut down the air flow. Already saved my carpet once.


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Nope, definately need a hang on skimmer - no room in sump.
I haven't got around to reading up on the ASM's yet (should know
what my options are if I go to in-sump in the future).

I'll add the PCI thread to my must read list. Thanks again.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=7546943#post7546943 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by agent007

I haven't got around to reading up on the ASM's yet

Brief synopsis:

It's my understanding that ASM are knock-offs of Euro-reef skimmers somehow. Euro-reef has a pretty good rep, but I don't think they do HOB.

Apparently, the ASM's aren't built quite as well as Euro-reefs, and they may ocassionally leak...hence the need for them to be in-sump.

That's what I've heard in the past. Could be I'm wrong and somebody will show us the light.


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I have a deltec mce600. It's the best hang on skimmer I have owned. I have an aquac remora pro w mag 3 sitting in my garage because of the deltec. Will probably end up selling them both in the near future. Getting a bigger tank.


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I just bought and installed my brand spanking new Deltec MCE600 skimmer a couple of days ago. Hanged it off my sump. The next day - approx. 12 hours - the collection cup had more skimmate that my Won skimmer generated in 2 months. I now have to get in the habit of checking the skimmer more frequently.

So far so good.

Hey do you think I can sell my Won skimmer on ebay? What do you think a good price will be?

Thank you all for you input.