protein skimmer ?


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i have a 40 gallon tank with a 15 gallon sump.the secound chamber in the sump messures 7"x 11" 9"deep.i have a tunze nano skimmer in there now when i moved everything from my aquapod to my new setup.question should i replace the tunze with something else.the specs on the tunze up to 55 gallons for softie tanks and 26 gallons for sps corals.what should i go with if i change it out.the skimmer works its more of a wet skim maybe 150ml to 200 ml of skim every week.i only have 3 fish, blood shrimp,snails and crabs.bunch of soft corals and mushrooms and about 3 sps frags.all levels are in check is there really a need for a new skimmer now or if i had more fish or sps corals then consider upgrade the skimmer.