Pseudopterogorgia bipinnata-growth/regeneration


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During a 20% off sale at a local shop, I picked up one of these Sea Plumes - only to discover later that you definitely get what you pay for: many of the branches on one site look as though the tissue had been stripped off, and all that remains are a thin, wire-like branches. (about 15% of the total structure)

With proper care, can I expect tissue from the healthy portions of the plume to eventually cover the bare "twigs", or is it advisable to prune away the tissue-less strands and just hope for new growth elsewhere? (pg 172 of your book) I was hoping to avoid the lop-sided look, but it may be too late.

After two days in one of my reefs, there has been little polyp extension. The other softies in the tank are doing well, and some testing showed that everything is balanced pretty well. Ca is right around 490.

Thanks for your time.
I would snip off the exposed axial material and the corals, with proper care, will grow fine from there. Shouldn;t be a problem for you at all. They are generally very hardy corals.
Done. Even after only a few hours, there is already some minor polyp extension on the remaining healthy tissue. Thanks.