Puffy tips on Acro?


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Search is netting me nothing, though I swore I've read about this before.

It's (best guess) an AC A. carduus, about midway down the tank under 250w 14k EVC. The coral overall looks good, decent polyp extension and good color. Everything on the tank tests fine, all other corals (Acros, Montis, Zoas, Palys, even fish and RBTAs) are doing great.

Anyone have any suggestions or links I can check out? Other than the puffy tips, the coral seems to be doing fine...


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44 looks and nobody has even a guess? Have I discovered a new rare acro (disease)? :D


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What are your water parameters specially Salinity, Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium?
Most skeleton deposition issues are related to those, other posibilities are lighting, flow, reduced aminoacids, excess nutrients and organics.


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I posted in another thread a couple weeks ago about a birdsnest frag i have that has bubbly flesh,& thats where it ended.This frag has been like this for over 2 months with very minimal growth while others have grown a whole lot more even my ORA tort has grown more than the "Infected" frag.


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I'm working on getting my Ca and Alk up a little....they seem to have drifted down a tad. They're being raised slowly, but here are the basics:

SG 1.026
Ca 350
Alk 8.0
Mg 1200
pH ? generally don't test
Amm/'trites/'trates 0
PO4 tests at 0 on Salifert kit

It's just the very tips, and it's the tissue, not the skeleton growing. I blew a gentle stream of water on it with a pipette and it wriggled around, so it's not hard. I've seen a little bit of growth around the base but not much else (I've had it I think 2 weeks now?). The store I got it from tends to not have excellent results with Acros, and the lighting in my tank is much higher (250w HQI vs. 150w HQI), and I have it a little higher than at the store. Could simply be acclimating?

After checking out the "blistering" threads, seems like it may be the light is a bit too intense for it...I'm reasonably sure the A. carduus are a deeper water species, so maybe the lights are a bit much for it right now...it has colored up pretty splendidly though, from brown with blue tips to green with purple tips...I'll try and get a picture and see if I can find some real estate lower in the tank...