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I personally wouldn't put pumice in a tank. Volcanic rocks can contain high levels of metals and phosphates you don't want in a closed marine environment.


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DEFINATE no go on the pumice...its volcanic...will float...can/usually does leak stuff into the water causing things to either die or grow tons of algae...

If you are trying to get cheap rock...buy it used from a fellow reefer...you will get atleast 50% off the retail price if not more


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I used pumice rock in a FW tank but I wouldnt use it in a SW tank. The other post are correct that it leaches into the tank. I had algae problems and also the rock is very sharp and could cut your fish.



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I used a very large pice of pumice as the ONLY rock in a 60g cube for 22 years without issue. Using a couple large spade bits and my drill I turned it into a cave with lots of swim through's and places for fish to hide. I was able to keep pretty much anything I wanted with the exception of acropora sp, but that was more because of the lighting than anything else


Yes, it floated at first, much to my surprise! A generous helping of silicone on the bottom did the trick just fine.

I would be more concerned about the pumice abrading the eel's skin as it swims around.