Pump Choice for Basement Sump


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Choosing a pump for my basement sump system.

DT: 105G
Head: 9.5'

For the return flow I'd like to have somewhere between 600gph. Will also use the pump to drive GFO and Carbon. But with minimum head and low flow rate, these reactors should draw very little from the pump.

I have just obtained a used Reef Octopus 10500 DC pump. Tested it out using the bucket method I get ~650gph @11'. ~600gph @12'. With 2 90 degree elbows and 1' PVC.

This flow rate should be fine for my use. However I can concerned with longevity. I know the DC 10500 is not a pressure rated pump but will the high head pressure reduce the life span of the pump? I really love this pump, dead silent and slow start etc ...

Other choice: Reeflo Dart: 1150gph @10', 650 @12'. Why the huge drop off? With elbows etc the actually flow rate might be even lower than the DC10500.

Iwaki 55RLT: about 900gph @10' head.

What's your opinion on the DC pump and any suggestions for pump choice?

Mark Bianco

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I have had a reeflow hammerhead gold for over two years and as you my sump is in the basement. feeding my dt of 210 gl. I would say by the time you add elbows and such you may want to step up from the Dart These type of pumps run more efficient when you restrict the outflow.

A couple of things that I can suggest that will save you from any rework.

1. 10 X diameter intake rule. Say the intake for the pump is 2" then the length of the intake should be 20" long.
2. Run the same size diameter pipe on the outlet as far up as you can go.
3. If possible use sweep elbows and flexible pvc pipe aka SpaFlex.



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Though not pressure rated the published curve shows a high head and no caution not to use. No experience myself with DC pumps but suggest since you already have it, might as well use it.

As for Dart, using one for close to 9 years on a CL and only replaced the seals a couple of times so can't complain. Nicest of all the pumps used was a Iwaki MD70RLT just little loud and not the most energy efficient, but can't say anything bad about build quality of Iwaki and no seals a plus.