pump room ventalation questions...(fans)

Hello everybody. I have questions about ventilation for pump/filter rooms.... I'm installing a ceiling fan to help move some air out of my pump room, but wasn't sure how a typical install goes as far as wiring it in.

Do you guys have your vent. fans on 24/7?
Or is it when the lights are on?
Hooked up to a timer for intervals?

I was thinking of wiring the fan to a digital timer/switch(that replaces a typical light switch). Or I was thinking of putting a plug end on it and plugging it into the Aquacontroller.

Here's some background info:
The main tank(peninsula) is 48"x96"x30". 540 gallons by I.D. With the filtration and other tanks hooked up to the system, there will be roughly 1200-1400 gallons of actual water with 400 watters everywhere. The pump/filter room is about 12'x16'. There will be 2 300 tubs for fuge/sump, 3- 75 surge tanks for the 540, a 75 display(in-corner/in-wall) with a 25 dual surge tank as well a a few other tanks crammed in there.

What does everybody think?

Thank you in advance for your input. :)


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you really need to install an air exchanger in the room. it will save you money in heating costs in the winter and save you money in cooling costs in the summer. it also bring is fresh air and removes high humidity air. these units are not cheap. a new one will coast you about $1000 + instilation. but with out one you will have humidity issues and that can cause mold to form in your house. some guys have had there houses ruined becasue they couldnt remove the humidity in there houses and they had to remove there tanks becasue there houses were full of mold and the wood was starting to rot.
Thanks for the input, but I don't think I "need" a heat exchanger. I just "need" to know how everybody has wired their ventilation fans.

My furnace barely turns on for the basement in the winter.
The house stays very cool in the summer without A/C.
Fresh air-in has been over-killed.
The fan I am wiring up will take care of the humid air out.

I've dealt with mold in the past so I overkilled on ventilation. I'm $200 in to the air exchange. I'm thinking another $30 will finish me up. Not $1000... Thanks for your opinion though. :)

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If your going to go with a ventalation fan, wire it to a humidistat. Then it will only run when your humididty is above a preset %


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With that kind of water volume I would look at a air to air exchanger with heat recovery. A exhaust fan can only pull so much air out with fresh air being brought in at the same time. Other wise it will be running under a negative prssure.

It is your choice but a air to air is cheaper then mold clean up and fixing rotten wood. Good luckwith what ever you choose.