Pump suggestions for my tank?

Crab Rangoon

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Hi Roger,

I previously spoke with you and Craig about which pumps to use on my next tank, but a few details have changed and I just want to make sure the same suggestions applied.

My tank is 60 x 30 x 24" and I am quite intent on only mounting steam pumps to the back of the tank. You originally suggested 1x 6215 and 2x 6095 pumps, and to add another 6095 as necessary in the future. This was back when my glass was to be .5" thick, though the final product is 3/4" thick. I just wanted to verify that this is still the suggested set of pumps for me, and that the only difference now is that I need the upgraded magnets for the 6095 pumps. I recently saw the update to the 6105 pumps, and considered them for a moment, but I think they're probably more than I need (and would still need magnet upgrades IIRC).

The aquarium will be quite open with only a mild amount of rock in it, and I do not raise SPS corals. I look forward to hearing back from you once again, thanks for all the help thus far!

Craig Borowski

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Hi Randy,

There really are a number of ways you could go with this. Now that your glass is thicker and you'll need the magnet extensions, I think we can make the case that you'll be better off with the 6105s. These come with a Wide Flow housing which gives an approximately 5' by 3' flow pattern. This would work well in your tank's size and shape and would allow you to get away with only having two pumps total.

Doing it this way you'd only need to get two magnet extensions, instead of three or four if you went with the 6095s. This would make up some of the cost difference between the 6095 and 6105, and you'd have fewer total pumps in the tank which has its own advantages.

Crab Rangoon

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Thanks Craig - that's great news! I'd much rather have two pumps long term, rather than start with two and possibly add more down the road. I'll admit that I've really not looked into them until the recent news of the update, but I look forward to checking them out in person very soon.