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I have a couple of Hydor Koralia pumps to move.
They are both New in Box
One is 1400 gph
The other 750 gph



These are the newer style pumps with several nice features:
--instead of the twist apart cap to get to the impeller,
these have 2 quick release buttons;
--rubber cushions with thick bands keep vibrations off the tank glass;
--can be used with timers;
--smaller for the gph they move than the old koralia pumps.

You may ask, Lynn, why are you selling these wonderful pumps-- NIB?

I bought them a bit ago for a project-- went another direction. (always wondered what that meant-- now I've gone and done it)

Price check online stores and found:

750-- 35.99 to 46.99 I'm asking $30
1400-- 59.95 to 64.99 I'm asking $50

I've already paid shipping. Just come and get them.
Will consider trades for nice chalices, acans or sps

Thanks for stopping by.......