Punnett square question.


Skunk Hybrid Freak
If I am able to breed the following combinations, are the resulting offspring fairly predictable?

AB + AB = ?

AB + AA = ?


A = A. sandaracinos

B = A. ocellaris

AB = A. thiellei (hybrid)

What I don't know is whether the alleles would need to be taken under close consideration or if a rough estimate could be predicted based on species origin alone. What I know about a similar hybrid cross that had one fish in common as part of the lineage yeilded the following results.

For the sake of comparison to my desired experiment, I'll say his (Fernando Nosratpour) experiment was:

AC + AC = (See results below)


A = A. sandaracinos

C = A. chrysopterus

AC = A. leucokranos (hybrid)

The results were as follows... "œPigmentation types of tank-reared A. leucokranos and percent occurrence from a total of 32 individuals.

Leucokranos type "“ 28.1 percent

Chrysopterus type "“ 12.5 percent

Sandaracinos type "“ 15.6 percent

Perideraion type "“ 9.4 percent

Interdeterminate "“ 34.4 percent"


Skunk Hybrid Freak
My question is how to appropriately plug this in. Is it:

AA = A. sandaracinos
BB = A. ocellaris
AB = A. thiellei

AB + AB = 50% AB, 25% AA, and 25% BB?
AB + AA = 50% AA, and 50% AB??? This really doesn't sound right.