PURPLE FIREFISH...should i buy???


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My LFS just got in some purple fishfish in and im thinking about getting one. I've been wanting one for so LONG! I currently have a 24gal nano cube. My aquarium has one percula clown in it and 10lbs live rock with various other inverts. I've had the tank running for about a month and a half...without any problems. Now, im wondering if the purple fishfish would but a good addition into the reef tank? How hardy are they? The fish are selling for around 35 dollars, is that worth it?


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go for it!but i heard it's kinda hard to feed,and it's very sensitive to it's surroundings,and easily gets shocked,and have a tendency to jump.but it's really beautiful my cousin has one in a 25 gallon tank,and it;s doing very fine


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Generally, they are an easy fish and do especially well in nano tanks. You should have good luck with this guy.



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I've never had one offer to jump, though they have that rep. I think this happens when they're threatened. If he has places to lurk, he should be fine. They don't swim much, they hover, so he doesn't need that much room.


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Not any harder the red firefish, I have both and I started out with a 29 and had no problems(only 1 then). They eat just about anything I feed them. 35 I would say is average.