Purple tang Eating Zoas :(


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I just purchased a purple tang about 4" and it was fine for a day or so, then it started nipping at my zoas. Funny thing is that it only is eating or bitinh the smaller zoas that the polyps are closed. if the polyps are open it will not touch them. I thought it was just eating the algea or brown stuff on the zoas, but it is just ripping them apart shaking his head trying to remove them. I put in some Nori, but it just seems to ignore it. It also seems to ignore for the most part the macro algae on the rocks.

It is too bad I have to get rid of him now the only thing is how?


Anybody experience this problem with their purple tangs. I was going to purchase a Hawaiin Black Tang in the next week or so, but am now against it for it might do the same thing.


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It's unusual for tangs to eat Zoos but some do. I'm affraid you'll have to choose between the Zoos and your purple tang.

I wouldn't be affraid to get the black tang, it is quite unlikely that it will eat your Zoos, although he might eat your purple tang or vice versa :D


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Some tangs turn into coral eaters. You will likely have to get rid of it.

You could keep 100 more purple tangs in your lifetime that are not coral eaters, so don't worry about this too much.


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wow have been around a ton of them and never seen one do that. as we learn there are always a exception to the rule.


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Are u sure?
My guess is that those closed up zoo having algea on them. And the purple tang is only eating the algea.


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No he was eating the zoos. That is alright I sold him already, but I still want a black tang which I hope he does not do the same thing.

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this is very unusual, i would say don't worry about the black tang doing the same thing? Btw, are you referring to Zebrasoma rostratum ?