Purple with Green Digitata???


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Has anyone here seen a digitata with a purple skeleton and green polyps before?
I recently aquired one and had never seen this before.
I run into things that I have'nt seen all the time, usually not montipora's though as I look at tons of them.
Give some feedback either way if you could.
some pics
under 10k


I could be way off here, but i really think that's an encrusting montipora that has encrusted a finger like piece of rock/coral.
Yea, it really is'nt the same as in the links. That one really looks
like a digi though. As for the encrusting... it seems to be fingering
on it's own there were several of the fingers and I can se smaller
ones starting...
Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming.
thanks fiji... I will keep some pieces under different conditions,
monitor it and see if it continues to finger, or if it was an environmental fluke.
So I took a couple more pics out of water to get another perspective. Keep in mind that I fragged off the 2 largest fingers..

I think you better send me a frag to see if it looks and grows the same in a different tank lol. J/K. The out of water shot kind of looks like and has the shape of a Montipora spongodes. My spongodes is green base radish brown polyps tho. Not sure what other color variations there are. It is very cool. If you frag it I would be interested in one.