Putting a shower pan liner in stand as a water guard... fuming?


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Hi folks,

Got the new pump back from dolphin. Ready for this 250G build. One thing I was considering was laying down a shower pan liner in the stand with a 2" lip to catch any water that may leak, of course with water alarms.

This is fast, easy, and cheap. But I have seen enough houses where steel doors around chlorine do not do well. I am concerned about the tank quality regarding water, not corrosion.

But my question would be if the shower liner would "fume" so to speak into the sump causing havoc? The other option would to be to build an acrylic base for the same thing. But more time consuming given the build process.

We have wood floors everywhere and trying to contain any stupid gotchas. I plan on putting the external skimmer in a bin until I get it dialed in.


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if you do the plumbing right and also leave enough room in sump you should not have any worries about flooding. There are still risks with ATO failing etc but its not a bad idea to have a liner to trap the water in rather flooding the house/cabinet.


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Just doing a build and also wanted to catch any minor leaks. I bought 3/16" thick rubber sheet and cut to fit with 1" high "sidewalls" inside the stand. It laid right down could not have been easier. Probably would have done same with 2" at sides too.


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I lined the inside of my stand with flex seal, and it has worked...i overflowed a couple times in the beginning, and always my fault, not the plumbing....you know, things like forgetting which way a powerhead was pointing prior to turning it on only to find it shooting up and over the edge of my DT .....dropped the air intake on my skimmer when i had one and syphoned a couple gallons into the stand......overflowed the ATO trying to see just how many gallons it COULD hold, 16.5 in case you cared.

i dont know if it would "fume" anything, but a pvc sheet for the floor and sides with siliconed edges would work in theory too....there are number of ways to do this.


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I am currently doing a build and built an acrylic pan. It covers the entire bottom surface and has a 3 inch lip.

I acquired 1/4" acrylic from Lowes and acrylic glue from BRS. Easy project and very effective.


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I bought a pond liner from Lowe's and placed the liner on the floor and up the walls of the stand. Attached the liner to the wood stand with glue so the liner would create a "tub" and if anything spills, the water will stay in the "tub".


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+1 on pond liner just wrapped up the sides and stapled to inside of stand.

I have overflowed my ATO reservoir at least 3 times (getting distracted while filling).


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Pond liner.... now you know exactly why I asked LOL. What a great idea. If it is good for ponds I would not worry about any "fuming". As always, it is rarely an "if" at the end of the day, more like a "when". No worries about plumbing, worries about me "gomering" as many have mentioned. I am new to this big tank stuff, as I am learning.

thanks as alwways for great input. Some day maybe I can do some give-back, but not there yet.