PVC pipe & glue use


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I was going to do some plumbing today and was wondering on the use of PCV glue. Can I let it cure for an hour and rinse it out and use it?



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Yep the cleaner and solvent are reef-safe when allowed to dry. I've done it in as little as ten minute with a hair dryier during a plumbing emergency.


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Not sure youll find a paint to work on PVC and/or be good for your tank. I use Sch.80 fittings inside the tank, they cost more but the dark grey is much better than the glaring white of Sch 40 PVC.


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There are a lot of people that use Krylon fusion paint to paint PVC with.

I have used that before and saw no ill affects.....that I know of anyway!


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If you get bored of things, you can dress up your skimmer like I did. I have this on my G3 right now. Still undecided if I'm going with gray fittings with black spa flex or go with painted pvc on the rest of my plumbing.