PVC plumbing leaks


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Thought I'd share, I spun up a second tank on my existing garage system recently, found some plumbing leaks. Read through a lot of forums and tried a few ideas (heat gun, flex seal, putty) but I used a technique I use in model making.

This is my solution, even under pressure while the tanks are running:

Drill a small hole (60 bit) through the first layer of PVC using a finger drill just above the leak

Get a small syringe and fill it with PVC solvent (be slow, the stuff is thick)

Put the needle in the hole and slowly inject the solvent, it doesn't mix with
water, will get pushed out and won't come back in the tank when there's pressure.

Do this 2-3 times in an hour and when the leak stops, the last injection is to plug the hole you drilled.

This worked great for me, LMK if you have any thoughts.