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hello does anyone know if there is a reducer for a 1-1/2" pvc to a 1". i have a little dilemma attaching my overflow to my sump's filter sock that has a 1" inlet


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yes...get it at Lowes. actually, what you will need is a 1.5" slip/slip coupler to go on the 1.5" pvc & then the other side, you will put in a 1.5"/1" reducer bushing. the 1" pvc will slide into the reducer bushing

taken from my receipt:

item # 23901 - 1.5" slip/slip coupler - $0.63
item # 23917 - 1.5" x 1" reducer bushing - $0.93

i just did that on my overflow that was a 1.5" bulkhead that i reduced down to 1" for the plumbing run to the sump

here is a clickable thumb of one part of my plumbing. it's a 1.5" sanitary tee that has those 1.5->1 reducers in each end to give ya an idea of what they look like. the top one has the 1" pvc in it & the other is empty. can't get a pic of the 1.5" slip/slip coupler cause it has the bulkhead & union attached, so you can't really see much on it

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thanx a lot, i was over at HD and i didn't even know what i was looking for lol, guess i'll head back.

home depot has the wrong fittings :mad2:

their 1.5->1 reducer bushing doesn't accept the pvc....it takes a 1" spigot fitting, so that's 1 more fitting you have to have :rolleyes: & the only one of those they seem to have is a 1" slip/spigot in an elbow....which is useless if you are doing it in a straight line

lowes has the stuff you need