Q: Tang popeye--maricyn in display?


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I moved my new tang from QT to display tank 4 days ago--he's eating like a horse, etc... He's getting frozen meat, green and red freeze dried seaweed on the clip, plus live red algae in the tank he nibbles. Balanced diet, I think.
2 days ago I noticed cloudy eye, and by last night it was extremely cloudy and bulging.
Tiny bit better eye this morning, but I decided to treat now, advised to try SW Marycin at lfs. This tang would be impossible to catch and place in QT without emptying tank. The package and lfs guy said marycin is safe enough for my reef display tank.
So treatment #1 went in.
Is this acceptable, safe enough? Any major problems to look out for, etc...? Thanks.


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Someone called?

Got your PM Sumner. I always used Maracyn 2 for popeye. At double strength for 4-5 days. Package says use of a hospital tank is recommended.

I've never used Maracyn 1 so I can't comment there. I guess I would be hesitant to use any antibiotic in the reef. But Mardel claims their products do not interfere with the bio filter.

Sometimes popeye will go away on its own in very good water quality. If its on one eye usually it is caused by an abrasion. How did you move your tang from QT into the tank. Did you use a net?


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Phil, the move from QT did not go well. I got my pygmy angel with a collection cup, but zero luck with the tang. He was going crazy as I was missing him with the cup, so finally yes--I gave in and used the softest net I have. That could definitely be it.
Next question, then: If it is abrasion (and not popeye) and if it reduces more in next 24 hours (presumably before Maracyn has time to work), do you think I could halt the treatment and observe, and abort the treatment if it takes care of itself? My ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite have all been zero'd out for the tank's 3 months with me--hopefully that's helping. Obviously, I wouldn't halt treatment if it looked like bonafide infection. I started on treatment dose as indicated. Their pamphlet claims research on the med not interfering with beneficial bacteria.


Interesting...I just noticed that my Pearly Jawfish in My NC24 has "popeye" in his right eye. This is recent as I look at him every day. My other fish (firefish) looks great, but the pearly jawfish has the popeye and a discolored spot on his tail. I do not have a quarantine tank nor the means to set one up anytime soon. ADVISE PLEASE??? Thanks



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My lfs recommended maracyn and indicated safe to put in display tank. So dose # 2 went in this morning--I am nervous. All fish, corals, inverts look fine in first 24 hours, with exception of my sea tongue--but a powerhead blew up some sand, so it may just be unhappy this morning. I'll update again tonight or tomorrow morning. Both the maracyn and maracyn 2 boxes indicate they are reef safe--let us pray. As Phil noted above, he would have gone with maracyn 2, but...too late in this case. Tang's eye is no worse, and if anything, a tiny bit better. And he's still eating.


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I have had Popeye on my tangs before but only soaked food in Selcon.
It disappeared in few days. I say don't remove treat food.