QR Tank seems Cloudy


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Hey all. I have my QR tank just running with a Penguin 3500 bio wheel Filter. I dont have any fish in it at the moment.. I just have salt mix and normal tap water. It seems to have gotten alittle cloudy. I dont know if its the salt and im not used to the way salt water looks or what. ( im waiting on my sand to get my real tank started)

I havent put any chem or drops of any means in the tank. Just water and salt mix.. I tried to take a picture of the tank but its hard to see because of the reflections but let me know what you guys think.

Also, I noticed it evaporates about 1 inch of water a day out of tank. It is a 10 gal. Is this normal? There is no lid, and no light. It is near a window but the blinds are closed



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An inch of evaporation seems excessive. You must be in a very dry climate.

That is likely bacteria or simply just the salt mix that precipitated a bit of calcium out. No big deal.

Did you add something like prime or biospira?