Qs about 9005 or 9010


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Roger, I have a 125g fish-only tank intended for moderate to heavy fish feeding in the future, except I have very little room in my sump for a skimmer after the fuge, DSB and macroalgae.

I'd love to have the 9010 but it is too tall, by looking at the pictures it appears the extra height is from the larger cup. Can it be fitted with a 9005 cup in order to keep the total height below 15.5"?

If I must go with the 9005, do you think it will eventually be able to handle my tank, consider the fuge and sand bed I have.

The constant water height in my sump where I will place the skimmer is about 10", I read anywhere from 9.4" to 11" needed, exactly how important is the water height?

Also from the pictures, the screened intake is visible, but where is the water outlet? Is the water intake on the 4.4" side and the outlet on the 4.9" side?

The reason for such unusual questions is because my unique space limitation for the skimmer in the sump.

Thank you.

P.S. can the air intake valve be extended much above the sump for easy adjustment?
The intake is part of the housing, it is a screw under the skimmer cup.

The 9005 would do a decent job, I think it will work better than anything else you could fit. A 9010 with a 9005 cup would likely just remove lots of water.

The water level should be fairly constant, a constant 10" is fine.

The water empties out at the bottom and it is a loose system, some water is recirculated, you can adjust this from about 5%-80% being fresh water taken in.
I have a question about the 9010. While reading in one of my catalogs it was saying that the skimmer gets cleaned as well as the cup. Do I then need to hook it up to a drain or what? Maybe the product description wasn't written well. Or it could be that I can't read. If you could clarify for me I would be grateful.

Thank you in advance,

You do have to clean the skimmer periodically and the cup is removed for cleaning. Maybe you are refering to the venturi cleaning feature that cleans the venturi system when you remove the cup?
That is probably what I was reading. Does it just flush it self so that there is no need to connect it to a drain.
The cup lifts off and you take it to the sink to clean it, their is no drain of any sort.
Thanks Roger, after your answers and further reading of the actual users' reports, I now have a much better picture of the skimmer except one more thing:

If the skimmer is used with a magnetic holder, can the holder be attached to the bottom part of the skimmer box rail? The picture only shows the holder on the upper part of the skimmer box.

The reason is I want to know if the skimmer can be suspended in my sump against the glass wall, and allow the cup and the top 1" of the box above the sump rim. If the holder can only be attached to the upper part of the skimmer, then it seemed only half of the cup can raise above the sump because the sump is a 20g glass tank with black frame on top.
No, unfortunately the magnets can only be attached near the top. Usually though when used in sump the skimmer just stands on it's base or you can use the rails that are included pretty easily on the thin one piece molded trim of small aquariums.
Thanks, the reason I asked was because somewhere I saw Tunze recommended using two magnet holders to install a single Wavebox, I thought the only way to do so was to have one holder on the upper part and another on the lower part.

Is the back of the Wavebox different than a DOC skimmer?
One more Q, sorry I thoght I had them all covered.

On the spec sheet the box is 4.4"x4.9", I assume the wider side (4.9") is where the water intake and outlet are located, correct? Or is the box actually 4.4"x4.4", the 4.9" includes the bracket?
No, the box is 4.4 by 4.9. If you add the outlet pipe which is used only when you use the skimmer in sump, it adds about 1.5" more to the 4.4" front to back depth, the brackets if required add about a half inch.
Roger, can you double check this 4.4" measurement for me, you said 4.4" is front to back, but judging from the 9020 size with two boxes, the 4.9" appears a front to back size, and 4.4" is from side to side, meaning along the 4.4" length is where the intake and outlet are located.

I am not trying to be picky, on which side is the extra 0.5" is super critical for me.

Thank you.
What about from side to side excluding the cup since the cup can be above the sump, but there is a glass baffle the skimmer has to go between it and the sump wall, the distance between the glass baffle and the tank wall is 4.6".
Thanks Roger I think I am in luck. You got me worried earlier when you said the front to back was 4.4", which meant side to side was 4.9" which would not get in between the glass baffle and the sump wall of 4.6".

I think this will be the final question, what is the vertical clearance (top of the cup to the ceiling of the cabinet) needed to remove the cup?

Again thank you for your patience.