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Hello everyone i am writing this not with a exact question but looking for ideas, I am using as a QT an old tank with LR and two Clownfish, is not the ideal QT but I have an idea why to use it, it has been working great, a introduce 1 juvenile imperator, 1 Auriga butterfly, 1 lemonpeel, 1 bicolor angelfish, they were introduced 20 days ago, I used prazipro and after it I started metroplex, they were eating really well (reefnutrition and nory) since the imperator was only 1.5 inches I haven been feeding 5 times a day, they old tank have a lot of GHA and they are eating the GHA (that was my idea and worms, pods, etc) everything was great I was going to have them for 2 months there and after it they will go the big tank, I am taking a lot of precautions because I have a 6+ years powder blue tang that has survived 2 ich attacks (when he was young) and I want him to be secure, everything was great until today (I was prepared for ICH, velvet or any other disease but not for what happened).

Today I performed a water change I mix the water since last night I take my readings to do the proper water change, after I did we take something to eat with my daughter and she told me dad I smell bleach, maybe is the new maid that is cleaning at the bathroom I told her, when I see the QT the bicolor was dead I was surprised since he was eating very well but sometimes new fishes die from the blue, then I saw the other fishes gasping for air at the sand and rocks, the male clownfish was like nothing but all the other was in really bad shape I asked the maid and she told me she used the recipient the last Saturday to disinfect fruit!!!! (4 days ago?) with bleach.
I remember I have an old bottle of Tetra Aquasafe for bettas and it is supposed to remove chlorine and chloramine, I place it and doble dose according to the instructions and perform another water change (small since I don't have a lot of RODI at hand and fresh mixed water but it was an emergency I let it mix for two hours) I place GAC to run, I reduce the power of the powerhead but placed it looking at the surface.

Well now the lemonpeel is gasping for air at the sand but he swims a little bit, then again on his side gasping for air, the female clownfish is on the sand but not at her side just lethargic, the butterfly is swimming like nothing, the male clownfish he is still like nothing, the imperator is lethargic but is not at the sand is in the cave he selected to live but not at the sand or rocks and from time to time he swims a little bit, all of them are breathing really fast (except the male clownfish he is business as usual).

I have been reading at this forum an other about this and I found the chlorine destroy the cells in charge to move the oxygen into the fish bodies and burn the gills, so my idea is to remove it from water, oxygenate it as much as I can and hope for the best.
My course of action for tomorrow, perform another small water change and do it daily for 5 days (or wait a few days?), change GAC (I will change it everyday for 5 days), I think the bacteria has suffer too so I am adding MB7+No3Po4 everyday (or is better not do anything to water chemistry I was adding mb7 weekly), stop meds, I am not going to give food until tomorrow (or wait more?), I am not using more dechloriner (or do your think is a good idea continue using it for few days?) as far as I have been reading I am lucky not all of them die and I suppose if the gills don't develop an infection they will recover and I am assuming the water well oxygenated help them to oxygenate the body.

Any advice? Do you guys think my course of action is well oriented or not?

Thanks a lot for any help in advance



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It sounds like you have done all the right things. It doesn't take dechlorinator long to remove Chlorine and in fact the Chlorine will evaporate out over a few hours, so there is no value adding any more.

One thing you could do is to add Stress Guard or similar. I personally use Voogle. That will help with their slime coat and general health reducing the risk of infections whilst they are weakened from the Chlorine.

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Another thing you could do to make it easier on your fish is to lower salinity. Fish have to work hard to osmoregulate the salt out of their bodies. Lowering the salinity lessens that work. You can lower a little or a lot. A lot will get you down to hypo salinity levels, which is an effective method of eradicating ICH. For the proper method, google 'hypo salinity for ICH'.


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I’m sorry to hear this happened to you. I think you’re doing everything you can reasonably do. I would probably discontinue the NO3/PO4, your beneficial bacteria population subsists on ammonia and nitrite, they don’t need nitrate and phosphate. If anything you might want to buy an ammonia test kit to make sure ammonia levels are not rising, ammonia will also burn gills.

Keep the water as well agitated as you can, both for oxygenation and to continue to remove any residual bleach.

Best of luck to you.


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Hello people, thanks a lot for your answers, well I guess is in order to do an update on this, today all the fishes are great (except the Bicolor who dies the same day) on the fallowing days the Imperator got a case of Lymphocystis, at first, I was thinking it was ICH but it took hours to the white spots to grow to let a clear ID of the Lymphocistis, as far as I was reading the infections has to go away in a few weeks.

The female clown stopped eating and had white stingy poop I did not do anything but a two days later she started to eat again, the butterfly and the lemonpeel are in a good shape.

The leomonpeel is becoming aggressive to the butterfly I guess is because the reduced space of the QT but nothing to worry yet I am on the four week of QT I guess I will have them two more weeks before move them to the DT unless the aggression scale up, I think I am on the safe side now to move them earlier if its needed (safe from ICH).

Since the incident I am adding to the food Vitamarin-M and AngeLixir I guess the immune system had drop a lot.

Well thanks a lot for the help on this"¦