QT set up question


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So I'm setting up my QT tank. I finally got replacement filters for 2 old Aquaclear 150 HOB's. At least that's what I think they are, supposed to be rated for 10-30 gal tanks. I have 2 - 10 gal long tanks I plan on using for QT. I put both HOB's into my refugium section of my sump, put in the filters and fired everything up. How long should I wait before filling up the tanks with DT water and moving over the HOB's? How long does it take for enough beneficial bacteria to colonize the HOB's filter media?
Thanks everyone for the help.


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Any estimation would be a wild guess at best. Depends on the water it's filtering too. If your water is super clean it could take forever. You might want to kick up some detritus to jump start the seeding if it's getting fairly clean water.

My wild guess is 7 to 10 days........... ;)


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Thanks Agu, I appreciate the help. My water is pretty good I guess. I over feed a bit as I'm 7 weeks in and have never seen any NH3, NO3 or NO2 and I keep expecting to see something eventually. I guess the 130 lbs of LR is really doing it's job. I have a small CUC, a YWG (I know, I didn't QT him), and 3 shrimp in there and everyone looks healthy. All 3 shrimp have molted and everyone's eating good. I've got some algae issues (probably from over feeding) but other than that, things are growing all over the place.
I'll run the HOB's for a week and see where I'm at. If anyone else has thoughts or experience on setting a QT up let me know, I'd love to hear from ya'll :)