Quarantine Tank Questions


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I'm about to upgrade from an established 6 gallon tank which is a few years old to a newly set up 55g. I had a few questions:

1.) Is the 6g too small to repurpose as a QT?
2.) Should I keep some of the old LR and/or LS in it? or remove everything and just keep water? (I was going to move most of the LR to new tank, but can leave a piece or two if it helps)



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for small fish corals and inverts its big enough..

I would not leave anything in it.. Clean it out and leave it empty until you want to get new fish ..

what i to qt NEW FISH .

fill the qt tank with half water from my reef sump and half freshly made saltwater .i KEEP pieces of pvc pipe in my sumps settling area.. I put them into the qt tank for places for the new fish to hide.
my qt tank is 30 gal with a small sump under it.. i leave nothing in the sump just a water pump and heater..

all you need is a small hang on back filter .