quarnatine set and ready for fish


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I have my qtine up and running awaiting its first inhabitant. I have had my LFS hold a yellow tang for me since last week and I check on him each day. No visible damages, is eating and breathing normally.

I'll be picking him up tomorrow, acclimating and put into the quarantine. I've got a seeded filter from my sump to put in along with a hob power filter which will hold the seeded sponge. a few questions...

1. Should I run the carbon filter or leave it alone
2. Should I keep the salinity the same or lower than the DT
3. Do I have enough surface agitation for oxygen exchange
4. Is two semi large pieces of PVC enough hiding spots
5. How long should I quarantine ?

These are the basic questions since this is the first time I'm doing a quarantine.



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I would make the salinity closer to the shipping bag water, then you can gradually increase while it is in QT. This will help acclimation time... at least this is my opinion from what I have researched.


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1. I tend to run carbon. It won't harm anything.
2. I keep mine at the same as my DT. It makes it easier to keep make-up water around that way, in case either needs an emergency water change.
3. Probably, although you don't say what size tank it is. As it's a tang you're quarantining, it wouldn't hurt to add a small powerhead too, just to make sure.
4. That should be enough hiding spots.
5. Quarantine a minimum of three weeks. Four is better. If you need to treat the fish for disease, you need to reset that clock when the fish is cured. So, three or four weeks of a healthy fish in quarantine.

One piece of advice is to get an ammonia alert badge in the QT. It's very common for a barebottom, new tank to have a small ammonia spike when a fish is added. You can test daily, but a badge makes it a lot easier to see at a glance.


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Tang is almost done acclimating, how long should I wait to attempt feeding him ? I bought some nori wafers and spirulina

It's a 20 long, I added a mj400 that I had in the cabinet I forgot about, brand new nonetheless.