Question about ATS


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I'm setting up a algae scrubber today and I'm wondering if it would be ok to go ahead and take my bio pellet reactor out or would that cause a nutrient spike? I'll post some pics after I have it up and running.


Team RC
I would slowly reduce the quantity of pellets over a 2-3 weeks span rather than taking the reactor off line.


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ATS will take a few weeks to grow an adequate amount of algae and become an effective part of your filtration system. I'd make no changes to anything until that time.


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Sorry for the delay in posting some pics. Here is what it is making as of day 4. So far so good I think. The only problem I had so far is some algae grew into the spray bar causing a annoying trickle sound. I saw a video of someone making duct tape spray flaps that shade the slot and keeps algae from growing, any ideas on how to attach something like that?


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In case anyone is following along in this little adventure, today was my first harvest day. Not too bad I think. I have ordered 2 led fixtures to replace these CFL and reflectors. I'll also be building an enclosure to help with light bleed, the excess light has caused my sump to get pretty nasty. More to come soon!