Question about Cycle Progress


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Hi, i started setup my 75Gal with:
-New Live Sand
-Dead Dry Rock ( I used my live rock in old tank, dip with H2O2, scrub/brush to clean it. I dont want to use Bleach because i dont have enough time)
I mix Instant Ocean Reef Crystal salt to mix water.
I add a raw shrimp and add 20ml Microbacter7 from May 20.
And ammonia went up to 2.0 after 4days.
Today i check
Ammonia: 0.5-1.0 ( API test kit )
Nitrate: 20-40 (API test kit )
Phosphate: 10 (API test kit )
So, will the cycle be done in next 1-2 weeks ?
Why the phosphate so high ? I use Photon24 ReefBreeder- run low setting for 5hours a day.


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It might be done in the next week or two; you just have to keep testing until ammonia is 0. Your rock could be leaching phosphates still. And I wouldn't bother running lights yet.


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Your cycle may or may not be done in that time frame. Be ready for it to take longer, however. Just keep testing until your ammonia is zero before adding anything live. I second the rock leaching phosphates and nitrite testing as well.

Give it time, it will all stabilize.


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Some people said that i dont need to do WC until ammonia,nitrite,nitrate go down.
So, Is WC necessary when cycle new tank ?
No don't do any water changes. I would add more shrimp though. Technically ammonia should hit the roof at 8ppm and then fall back to zero. Since you added bacteria already I think that affected the readings. I used biospira and my tank cycled in 4 days - so I'm a believer


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what kind of water did you use rodi? it could be the cause of your phosphates, or as said above it could be from the rock.


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I added another raw shrimp to keep ammonia source couple days ago.
Keep dosing Bacter7, and my brother test at 9pm
results in pics:

Nitrate went up last week, today it goes almost 0.
Ammonia hard to see, maybe because of adding bacteria ??
So, Is it ready for fish ?
hmm, do you have any algae in your tank ? Technically the nitrates should not be 0 how much nitrites have you got ? The cycle might not be complete yet.

basically, Ammonia is converted into nitrites and then nitrates. Nitrates are the harmless left over stuff that you replace during water changes. Unless you have algae or some plants using nitrates.. it should not be 0.



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I do have some hair algae, but just small spot. I brought water to LFS to test water. Ammonia - Nitrite are 0, nitrate is 0-5. I did add some hermit crabs last week, they are doing fine until now. Should i keep add bacte7 and wait another week do to WC ???
If Ammonia and nitrite are 0 you're good to go. API test kit is a bit flaky so give the bottles a good shake before testing.

Do a massive water change and start adding livestock slowly. There is a good thread on here about livestock - size recommendations, the order to add them and compatibility. I'm sure you've already made up your mind on what to buy though :D


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"I used my live rock in old tank, dip with H2O2"

Actually the less stuff you kill on the old rock, the less cycling you'd get in the new tank.