Question about drilling a sump?


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I'm setting up a 210 gallon tank and would like to make a 75G tank into a sump.
I was going to just have FAOIS drill a 75G for me. I call them about drilling 2 inch bulk head for my dart pump. They said they did not have a drill bit big enough.
I guess it will take a 3 inch hole saw to make the bulkhead fit. I was looking on ebay and the 3 inch glass bit is not that expensive.
My question is: Can I do this myself or will I most likely break the tank?


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the diamond glass cutting bits really aren't that expensive, and once you get it, IMO FAOIS can do it for ya.


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I have a diamond hole saw for 2 inch schedule 80 bulkheads. I drilled three inch holes in my 125 sump.