question about my baby maxima


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So i got this baby maxima about a month ago. I can not keep the flow from blowing him over. It is about 1-1.5 inches. I originally put it in a bowl and allowed it to attach to a frag disc but when it stars to walk it blows off. It was staying out for a couple weeks. Came home and it was on its side against a rock. Is it fine on its side? Should i put it in a tiny box or bowl with some sand and a rock?
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Yea, that's a good idea. Just do not let it attach to the container. And, fyi, clam's that small require particular care. Make sure he has enough flow so that he can filter feed - ones that small rely on feeding.


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What is best for target feeding? Currently feeding my small guy PhytoPheast. Mixing it about 50 to 1 with tank water. Prolly 10-15 ml into 300 ml water and giving him about 4-5 squirts with the baster...


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no feeding of clams if there are fish in the tank and u have enough light. simple. curious as to how you know the clam is consuming the food you are feeding it???