Question about Oenone Fulgida...


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Spotted one tonight in my tank, it's a small nano tank, about an inch or so of sandbed, and 2 "islands" of rocks with about an inch or two of space in between. I noticed it on the right island of rocks, snotting all over my lovely new snail :(--tried to grab it, but no dice. All I got was more snot...

Had to leave for a few hours, but I returned and I decided to take all the rocks on the right-hand side into a FW dip. All the rocks have been in there for some time now--still no worm. I don't know if it isn't there, or it died inside its burrow :(

I'm going to boil it tomorrow to make sure that whatever's in there is truly dead--but then I wonder, do worms make burrows STRICTLY on rock? I think I've seen this worm on the right-island of rocks twice, leading me believe its burrow is there.

Could the burrow be in the sandbed, or used the sandbed to go from one island to the next or is that not how they operate? Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you!