Question about sea apple


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My lfs has a few of them and I'd like to buy one but...... the dangers?I trust my lfs and his advise, he's never been wrong w/ other issues I've had before. He states that the only time there was ever a problem was when it spawned and the fish ate the eggs. he's never had a problem w/ one releasing toxins.
thoughts please
We've owned one in a 29g and it lived for over a year in the system before passing...Biggest thing to watch out for, is if it gets overly stressed it will literally spew its "guts" out into the tank and that causes the toxicity to other lifeforms in the tank. Otherwise it enjoyed a year in the company of two tomato clowns (which we still have 10 yrs later) and at that time a LTA the clowns were hosting in...when the sea apple did die, we yanked it out as soon as we noticed it and since we ran carbon in the external filter all the time that had cleaned up anything that the sea apple could have leached into the water upon its anything use caution as this was our experience with this animal and yours could be completely different :)


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They are beautiful creatures 918, do you have a photo from when you still had your's?