Question about stacking method


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To do the stacking method for Zeo Mix, Carbon, and GFO do I need dividers and just literally dump them on top of eachother? How do I go about the frequency of changing each one out? I believe the order from bottom to top is Zeo -> Carbon -> GFO right? How would I keep the gfo but change the carbon? Sorry for a noob question to the stacking method but I have never done anything like this before.

Also, my only reactor is one from BRS, would that work fine or do I need a different style reactor?



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Hi Chris,
The BRS reactors are not the same as a standard zeolite or fluidized reactor IME. I would stack the media Zeo Mix, Carbon, then Phosphate Minus. I use a separating sponge between the AF Carbon and AF Phosphate Minus. The frequency of changing depends. I typically change around 4 weeks, but usually when I run my normal weekly test, and I see phosphates at 0.04 or higher, change media time :) And yes, you litterally stack the medias on top of one another, been doing this for 6 months or so, with no issues. Cheers


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That's what I did last night but the gfo fell through the carbon and went to the bottom. I can get a good deal on a bashsea reactor locally and may just go pick one up.

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