question about tanks in dorms


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i think ive realized the fact that i have to take my main tank down and not move it into my brothers basement in cincy due to the fact that it would be too much work to keep up with that and school and having to worry about it. I am going to University of Cincinatti in the fall. Of course I have to have a tank of some kind. i am wanting to keep a little of all my sps corals in a nano tank using either a 70 or 150w halide or possibly even t5's...

What is the typical maximum sized tank allowed in dorms?

What is a super quiet nano skimmer... ive heard some about the remora pro urchin skimmers, but not much.

any other ideas... this tank needs to be top of the line... kinda mad i cant setup my huge calcium reactor i just made on a nano :(


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At UK in Lexington, max size was 10 gallons....But I kept a 29 for a while, then a couple of tens....I just set it up away from prying eyes of the RA.


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In my university housing the lease states 20 gallon is the max..... but I have a 36 BF :thumbsup:

My place is bigger than the typical dorm though, so if you are are sharing a single room I would suggest a either a 16BF or 26BF from AllGlass. Personally I LOVE the BowFront tanks since they give a little more swimming room and more volume with roughly the same size footprint. Plus they are unique and look really cool!!

I have an AquaC remora and it is the quietest skimmer (that actually skims) that I have personally encountered, but I do have relatively limited experience.

As far as lighting, the single halide would probably look better, but most dorms have crappy AC in the summers and the added heat might be too much to handle (for you or the fish). I would go with T5s... IMO they will be much easier to work with in your situation.


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thanks for the ideas. i am wanting to either make the tank myself or have someone make it... it will be acrylic. id probably go for a deep and tall tank, not so wide so it looks small but isnt. i just sent a email to the school and asked about the max size.

ive thought about it a little and i think a MH with a small quiet fan in the canopy and a small computer fan over the sump for when it gets too hot is what im doing.


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hmm... i could also have a tall stand with multiple 10 gallons underneath... or make a false wall in the dorm... or just move my 125 in. lol