Question about wiring my Nova Extreme t5s


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Recently purchased 2 Nova Extreme t5 setups

They were used and the previous owner had cut off the ac adapters for the moonlights. Wiring is no problem, but I need to know what output I need to look for in an adapter. They are 4 led moonlights for each one. Would like to wire both to one adapter if possible. Basically the info that will be something like this: OUTPUT DC9V 1500ma

Have a store in town here that sells every type of adapter and transformer known to man.



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bump? No one has one of these or even a unit with 4 moonlights that you could look at the adapter and tell me what it says?


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Hey I have a nova t5 48" unit and the moon lights adapter shows

AC/DC Adaptor
Model No: OH - 35025DT
Input: 120 VAC 60 Hz
Output: 6VDC 150 mA